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Noortje van Veller
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Born and raised in Haarlem (a city known for its singing choirs), Noortje van Veller has had many opportunities to sing. The singing lessons she took while she was a teenager inspired her to look for more professional ‘input’  and at age 19 she got accepted to study jazz singing at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. It was then that she discovered one of her true passions: close harmony singing. She got excited by the challenge of finding ways to use her own characteristic sound to contribute to the sound and feel of the song and to that of the other singers. She welcomes the challenges of singing together as one instrument.  During her time at the conservatorium and after she graduated she sings in many different ensembles and vocal groups, often as backing vocal or as one of the singers in a close harmony setting.
With music not being the only passion in her life, Noortje decided to make it her ‘professional hobby’ rather than being a musician full time. This is how she enjoys the luxury of only participating in projects that really inspire her, such as Back On The BloQ (BOTB).

Prior to joining Back On the BloQ, Noortje had already enjoyed working with Ewald Jozefzoon, and with a few other BOTB musicians while singing in the cover band FQP. Back On The BloQ is another great opportunity for her to do what she likes most with musicians she loves to work with the most! 

Erna Auf der Haar
Natasja Den Toom
Wilco van Esschoten
Jordao Loupatty
Jeanet Dorothy Martherus
Dwight Muskita
David Wilschut
Jonathan van Klaveren

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